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Ordinary Celebrity
Ordinary Celebrity: Elle Luna

Ordinary Celebrity: Elle Luna

Instant Celebrity

Imagine hitting publish on a blog post and then going to lunch with your dad for his birthday. You leave your phone at home so that you can be fully present. However, when you return home, your phone is pinging from notifications about your post, and as you pick it up, your phone is actually warm to the touch!

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Elle Luna wrote The Crossroads of Should and Must and published it on in April 2013.

We share things online. Every day. All the time. But something about this thing was different. So different, that in a few short weeks, it was tweeted to over five million people and read by over a quarter million readers… The emails poured in. The tweets lit up my phone. The article spread through the Web in a flash, and then flashed some more. It continued to shine and grow and, well, here we are. ~ Elle Luna

The post was turned into a book in 2015 by Workman Publishing.

Elle’s original post AND this book are both beautiful - not just for the message, but for the manner she communicates the message. Her writing is interrupted and accented by her art. You will find yourself pulled from page to page not just by inspiration but by beauty.


Credit: The Great Discontent: Interview with Elle Luna

The Episode

I reached out to Elle on Twitter. I had just been back on Twitter for a few weeks and was slowly building my new account back up, and I was stunned when she graciously responded and agreed to be on Ordinary Celebrity.

You will love this episode! What do you do when you discover celebrity? Or when celebrity discovers you? How ordinary does Elle feel after such an experience and two books later?1

I encourage you to listen to the episode (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts) and then visit and leave an audio message for the next episode.

Jeff Noble - "Notes from the Trail"
Ordinary Celebrity
Celebrity is defined as "the state of being celebrated." The famous are celebrated widely and are "celebrities." This podcast aims to reveal what deserves to be celebrated in all of us - the ordinary neighbor and the recognized name. Everyone has a story that deserves celebrity.