I can tell you FOR A FACT, that a baby in the womb has a heart beat at 7 weeks, because our first born was a high risk pregnancy , so I was monitored every week with an ultrasound and doppler, and we heard his heartbeat at 7 weeks in utero. I was on bed rest nearly the whole pregnancy, and he was born two and a half months premature,,, but today he is a strapping 32 year old, with a baby son. So there Stacy Abrams,, you are full of ____. I never knew the mandates for health care workers and masks had been lifted, Ive been in clinics in the last month and they are still wearing masks here.. Typical reporting,, only what they want us to hear.. Thanks Jeff for the Round Up,, . Ive been meaning to ask you, who is the cowboy on the horse in the picture? Im so curious..

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