The Roundup

Catching up on weekly news, memes, videos and things that broke the internet or caught my attention.

It's been a crazy two weeks as the information floodgates seem to have burst open. Heretofore silenced voices of dissent on Twitter, combined with new…
#Twitterfiles, a judge blocks Biden's gender transition surgery mandate, Respect for Marriage Act passes House
Elon Musk and #Twittergate, CNN's layoffs, FDA sued over ivermectin, Fauci forgets in court about facemasks
More government-sponsored censorship, Big Tech election interference, The January 6 Insurrection Committee Flop, A bad, bad week for CBSNews…
Elon Musk, ozone hole shrinking, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, a $$$ iPhone and more... and poor CDC Director Walensky...
Church attendance growing.. among millennials! // Pfizer grilled in court // More state-sponsored censorship discovered // Tulsi Gabbard
From IRS agents stealing funds to Hunter Biden to the Supreme Court and censorship
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