Chinese spy balloons everywhere // facemasks are back in the news, but not in a good way // natural immunity is a thing again // a modern revival of God…

January 2023

Buckle up. This is a big catchup: Kevin McCarthy // the married mom advantage // more TwitterFiles // Best Bigfoot video ever?! // The Pentagon's nixes…

December 2022

It's been a crazy two weeks as the information floodgates seem to have burst open. Heretofore silenced voices of dissent on Twitter, combined with new…
#Twitterfiles, a judge blocks Biden's gender transition surgery mandate, Respect for Marriage Act passes House
Elon Musk and #Twittergate, CNN's layoffs, FDA sued over ivermectin, Fauci forgets in court about facemasks

November 2022

More government-sponsored censorship, Big Tech election interference, The January 6 Insurrection Committee Flop, A bad, bad week for CBSNews…

October 2022

Elon Musk, ozone hole shrinking, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, a $$$ iPhone and more... and poor CDC Director Walensky...
Church attendance growing.. among millennials! // Pfizer grilled in court // More state-sponsored censorship discovered // Tulsi Gabbard
From IRS agents stealing funds to Hunter Biden to the Supreme Court and censorship
From Hurricane Ian to Coach Mike Gundy to another mask mandate being removed

September 2022

From Frederick Buechner to Bigfoot
ACC Special on Blacksburg, VAERS data, Martha's Vineyard memes, and school close blame game