The Roundup

Catching up on weekly news, memes, videos and things that broke the internet or caught my attention.

Church attendance growing.. among millennials! // Pfizer grilled in court // More state-sponsored censorship discovered // Tulsi Gabbard
From IRS agents stealing funds to Hunter Biden to the Supreme Court and censorship
From Hurricane Ian to Coach Mike Gundy to another mask mandate being removed
From Frederick Buechner to Bigfoot
ACC Special on Blacksburg, VAERS data, Martha's Vineyard memes, and school close blame game
With the Queen's death, an otherwise quiet week that featured "new and improved" Apple products became somber. Included in this post is The Fantasy…
President Biden gave an angry speech. More disturbing news emerges about state-sponsored censorship. A draught in Spain reveals history. And a treadmill…
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