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Sep 23, 2022Liked by Jeff Noble

I am a LONGGGGGGGGGGGG time underliner,, I firmly believe it helps one to remember what theyve read, its been proven that taking notes, with a real pen, pencil, not some computer,, helps student learn and remember so much better, and actually holding a real book in ones hands helps one remember what theyve read,, I still underline constantly, its like a tactile thing that I cant help myself from doing,, I cant read without underlining , unless its a fictional book just for pleasure,, my bibles all have so much underlining and writing notes in the margins, and notes all over that the pages have holes in them, I star important passages, or verses, and use different colored highlighters, all the time.. . I finally as an adult ,, way to late for school,,, learned that my best learning style is taking notes, with a real pen and pencil, its how Ive memorized whole passages of scripture,,, and my daughters realized in business manegment school that she learns best taking good notes as well... .. So yay,,, for all you highlighters and underliners out there...

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