Nov 7, 2020 • 17M

Ordinary Celebrity: Paul Robertson

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Jeff Noble
Celebrity is defined as "the state of being celebrated." The famous are celebrated widely and are "celebrities." This podcast aims to reveal what deserves to be celebrated in all of us - the ordinary neighbor and the recognized name. Everyone has a story that deserves celebrity. Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
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Paul Robertson works in the data security industry. From owning a Christian bookstore owner (that had to shut down due to the internet and big box stores) to receiving an electrical engineering degree at the same time his daughter was in college to later deciding to pursue writing himself, Paul's life is bright. His five books are wonderful reads, though they are mostly unknown. Paul is most remarkable and worthy of celebrating.

Paul's Books:

I mentioned Ethan Smith’s Life Experienced podcast that featured Paul and Lisa. Here’s the link.

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