Who is Jeff?

I’m an Arkansas native. In college, I started a graphic design/ad agency with a friend when "desktop publishing" was a new thing. Little did I know that within three years, I found myself with a compelling sense that God was calling me to serve in ministry.

I attended seminary from 1991-1995, all the while developing a philosophy of ministry I describe as "loving, loosening, and leading."

I served eight years as a collegiate minister on a campus in south Arkansas. In 2003, I helped plant a church and became a “pastor” for the first time. Because it started from “scratch,” I turned back to graphic design and learned learning web design (I say that loosely) to supplement our income. It also enabled me to build relationships in the community.

In the spring of 2009, I was contacted by Northstar Church in Blacksburg, VA about serving as their second pastor. The founding pastor, Bob Jackson had retired. After a lot of prayer, we believed God was directing us to Virginia, and we moved in July 2009.

I’ve been a consistent blogger at journeyguy.com since the fall of 2005. In December 2012, I self-published a book - Super Center Savior.

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I’m off of “Old Social Media.” So I don’t post to Twitter, Insta, etc. I am on Gab and GETTR as “journeyguy.” This Stack will be where I engage with you, and you can engage with me. Join the conversation by leaving comments.

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I’ve been blogging for a long time - almost 20 years! I’ve imported most of the old posts from my journeyguy.com blog here on Substack. I’m excited about creating more of a community of readers, encouragers, friends and those that will help me grow as well.

If you’re interested in the platform, visit Substack.com.

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Jeff Noble

I'm a graphic designer turned pastor, a lover of bad coffee (gas station is just fine), a fantasy footballer, a runner, a writer and easily entertained.