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Freely received

Merry Christmas 2017

Ginkgo leaves, $5 million and a church building

Why I got rid of my iPhone X

A Jesus Christmas

Four responses to Jesus at Christmas

Giving Tuesday.. not a time for leftovers

The humility of Thanksgiving

D28 - enjoying "small" in discipleship

Is Facebook listening to your phone calls?

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Life Hack: Get Pocket

For the Love of Money

Tithe your social media influence

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Need wind in your sails?

Sunday mornings

Kent Dodge - 2017-08-02 14:37:47

10 Recommended Books (that you may not have heard of) #2

Overseas again

Loving politics is easier than loving politicians

Joe Broeker - 2017-07-02 21:21:27

Mowing to country music


Lunch convos: Camouflage in Blacksburg

Even if...

God's steadfast love

Reflections on Good Friday, Easter and the Virginia Tech shooting

Thoughts on determining God's will

5 reasons to invite someone to church

Surprising deliverance. Is Donald Trump similar to King Cyrus?


Three attitudes that will change your life: Choose joy

Lunch convos: Biking to work and quicksand

Northstar Church's 2016 highlight video

Three attitudes that will change your life: Be gracious

Three attitudes that will change your life: Assume the best

So long, 2016

Top Books I Read in 2016

Which is better for Wordpress -Hosted or self-hosted?

After 20 years with Passion conferences, here's two things I've learned