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People watching and pleasing God

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Merry Christmas 2015 from the Nobles

Happy birthday, wifey

Seven things Apple doesn't do well

Nuff Said: Bonhoeffer too popular? When $17.38 changes a life.. Churches & communication... The death of cultural Christianity... A college president stands up... Star Wars cast acapella

10 Recommended Books (that you may not have heard of) #3

Review: Life with God

Planning for spiritual growth when your schedule changes

God the Includer

Donald Duck and our Christmas tree

Our Story: From planting to growth

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Another thankful year

Feedback on the Apple Watch from my kids

Quote: Your Kids Need Spiritual Heroes

Am I a runner now?

Merry Christmas from Starbucks... or not?

Pictures: July, August, September on Insta

Courtney Nichols - 2015-10-30 14:07:09

Nuff Said: Why Churches Should Stay Home on Halloween, Photoshop Alternatives, Dumb Ideas About Jesus, The Power of Next, Discipleship DNA, What Ben Carson would do first if elected President

Honor those who fear the Lord

A used Jeep as an expression of God's love

Christine Spencer - 2015-09-18 11:00:25

When will football catch up with Kevin Kelley?

College bound

Observations from Colossians

The glorious power of looking back

Tell It

Nuff said: A week later with the same-sex ruling

Review: Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices

The "Supreme" Court, indeed: thoughts on the same-sex marriage decision

Happy Father's Day

Just Jesus

Picture: May 2015

5 ways to break bloggers block

Congradulations, son

Review: To Change the World

U.S. Christianity in decline?

Goodwill hunting

A new medical journey

Easter timelapse

The Easter Room

Inner prayer

Prisoners' letters to their younger selves

Which image represents you on Facebook?

Moral Therapeutic Deism cartooned and lampooned

Review: The Ishbane Conspiracy

Sermon in a slanket

Video: Snow day again...


Picture: Snowpocalypse 2015

Nuff Said: Demise of blog commenting, Small Groups make a BIG difference, Questions for sleepy Christians, & 11 books we lie about reading

Moving toward knowledge: surgery

Apples better than coffee

A personal prayer from 2009

Video: Celebrating 2014

Immeasurably more..

Miracles in the mailbox

Nuff said: Cool air, on the wrong side of history, iPhone history, utilitarianism, Gmail helps, a heavenly visit?

A former paper boy

A little down: health update


Ryan Weedon - 2015-01-11 13:10:43

Finding time to read

Receiving grace and kindness.. The GiveForward campaign

Joke gone bad