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Remembering 2014

2014 Roundup: What was your favorite blog entry this year?

Nuff said: #1 Bible translations, Cause of Divorce, Donald Miller spirituality, coffee mugs, trusted professions

Christmas journey in pictures

Doug hunt - 2014-12-24 12:31:14

"Winter Snow" performance

An early Christmas

Cristi Steed - 2014-12-23 19:02:07

Last 50 Instas in one image

Merry Christmas from the Nobles 2014

Health update 2014

Review: The Hole in Our Holiness

Observations from Mark

Happy birthday to the book..

Two year anniversary of publication

What my kids do when they get home from school features "I'm a Bielemer" video in SEC Sing-off

Snow Fall

Thanksgiving past

Jumping on the bandwagon with "I'm a Bielemer"

10 Recommended Books (that you may not have heard of) #4

Agnes Jimenez - 2014-11-19 02:56:24

Ode to a staff team

Review: The Insanity of Obedience

Nuff said: Saving Daylight, the church "stand and greet time," the iPhone cone, why go to church and more

12 things it's important to know about me

Top 5 conspiracy theories in light of the midterm elections

Bella Williams - 2014-10-28 03:19:15

What am I running from?

Steve Davis - 2014-10-23 17:42:06

Nuff said: Fix annoying iOS 8 tidbits, charts!, the world's largest religion, why working from a coffee shop may not be a good idea

The song I wrote

10 Recommended Books (that you may not have heard of) #5

'Nuff Said: Improving Your "Do," Things to pray for your kids, 20 things you shouldn't do if you're over 20, 30 things you may already be doing that impress others, when a cult repents, too much phone? and Star Trek

A living masterpiece

10 Recommended books (that you haven’t heard of) #6

Full circle with a "straw cake"

10 Recommended books (that you haven’t heard of) #7

Many thanks to Northstar Church in our first five years

Ode to fantasy football

10 Recommended books (that you haven’t heard of) #8

10 Recommended books (that you haven't heard of) #9

10 Recommended Books (that you may not have heard of) #10

For Christians, remember that the Gospel is "news"

Nuff Said: Son of Hamas, Elders as Disciple Makers, Hipster Quitter, Caveats to the #IceBucketChallenge, the new face of the IMB,

Jessica Mcclennen - 2014-08-31 23:48:48

Guest blog at Virginia Baptists' site about "Super Center Savior"

Are you ready for some football?! {Hog Edition}

Are you ready for some football?!

Lock it and love you

Ice Bucket Challenge

What's Your 5%?

You can't keep Jesus down

Start with why

Thomas - 2014-08-11 02:36:41

Can one be neutral toward Islam?

Faith is living in advance...

Tozer on the inequality of all people

Where your needs are met

James Harris - 2014-07-31 09:39:03

Happy 50th Anniversary!

Nuff said: Trusting scripture, a Gospel without words, a Trader or a Christian?, Does Powerpoint help?, Be a people person, Selfies Anonymous

Video: Do you understand the Middle East beef with Israel?

Matthew Pierce - 2014-07-19 21:52:35

Review: The Selection.. and my inner middle school girl

Visiting Heaven... for real?

Marry that girl?

Review: iPhone skin

Preaching to diversity

How I got rid of 100s of "friends" on Facebook

Nuff said: 10 commitments, the power of definitions, leaving your church well, ways you're doing Twitter wrong, NO!, and more

New YouTube channel in the house

Happy 4th of July

Their Story: Sarah Beyer

Their Story: Megan Carver

Review: Plan B

Their Story: Jacob Moyer

Your divine design: a spiritual gift

Their Story: Phillip Slaughter

Their Story: Sean Couch

Their Story: Jeremy Woodall

Their Story: Meet Rachel Wiseman

Lost car keys and my mind

Their Story: Meet Aaron Peck

Their Stories.. Guest Blogger Week-ish

The devil bed and the dream crusher

Recommended: The Cove

Old journals and new journeys

The Nelson connection

Photo: Waffle House with my minions

Cable boxes, tv tuners and pong

Fret not

Reflections on Montenegro

Skadar Lake

Montenegro necessity

Destination Durmitor

Next stop: Montenegro - Help needed

The myth of bad marriages in the church

Nuff said: Bad news believers, hashtag diplomacy, silver bullet of discipleship, single and satisfied?, kids sports, Kid President

I love moms or something

Nuff said: Social media help, smart phones and dumb people, ministry to youth on social media

The exploitation of your mind

Podcast: We Six Kings

Video: Let It Go, VT style

D Harmony and Christian Tingle

Video: The Unmerciful Servant.. kind of

Review: Beautiful Outlaw

Videos: Easter Sunday Testimonies

Provoke wonder this Easter

Let It Goat

The road from Ironto

Review: Deep & Wide, Part 2

Jesus, humble? How?

Jesus, a shrewd Messiah

Nuff said: Noah and Tim Tebow, Repenters, Driscoll's apology, Let it go-please, abortion speech, Urkaine, and help for those who don't want to raise their hands in worship

Preview: Jesus is a Beautiful Outlaw

Rabbit coats

Review: Deep & Wide, Part 1


Picking on pastors

Nuff said: Majestic Hotel, smartphones and sleep, church signs, church history, imperialist Christian missionaries

No rules...

Review: Explicit Gospel

Snowpocalypse Reports

I'm not like you

Walking through the bookstore

Nuff said: Extroversion vs Introversion, Are you naked?, Christian resolutions, Recommending books.. and more

Sunday nights in the 70s

The gift of eternal words made personal - get a journaling Bible

Happy birthday to me

'Nuff said: Fake friends, wrecking friends, loss of interaction, Hello-my name is Church

Reflections on "Explicit Gospel" by Matt Chandler

Dude Perfect from Reunion Tower

Join me on a 7-day Bible reading plan

Happy New Year and everlasting love