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2009 Roundup

A birthday and an Eve

Sledding in our backyard

Random ruminations

How do you spell RELEASE?

Review: The Best American Short Stories 2005 (Hint: not worth the paper)

Big weekend

Review: Crazy Love

Review: Green

ElfYourself 2009

Watching the Billies vs. Bruins online!

What a difference a year makes

The "withs" of approaching God

Review: The Heavenly Man

Glory in the Highest Concert!

The Danger of Marginalization

Grumpy Muppets

Halloween fun

Review: The Toyota Way (rated 2 stars)

NRVHub to give $500 to local church


Catalyst Review: The Best Of...

Catalyst Review: Chuck Swindoll

Catalyst reflections

Quick vids from Thursday Catalyst

The Eve of Catalyst

An Inglorious Testimony

Review: Put Your Dream to the Test

Is desiring blessing selfish?

StrengthsFinder Results

Review: The Forgotten Ways

Week 1, Win 1, One Son

The clothing of creation

Great Verizon commercial

Ode to Monticello

T-Mobile commercial - butt-dialing

Torticollis - learning hard lessons

Torticollis - a pain in the neck

I get around...

Neighborhood block party

Tweet Week Summary

Updated feed

A night in Floyd

The Death of Linkage

It only takes one or two...

AT&T experience in Blacksburg

Seinfeld weighs in on the Blackberry and iPhone

Review: Brisingr (rated 5 stars)

Prayer for campus ministries

On tweeting and tire sounds

Forays into the Holy of Holies

Settling into Blacksburg

Between homes and in suitcases

Going dark

Jet lag, packing, and after glow

Krakow Live: Tracy's Tuck and Roll

Sunday in Krakow

Friday and Saturday

Thursday in Krakow

Wednesday in Krakow

Wednesday at the crack of dawn

Arrival in Poland

Review: essential church?

Yard sale of the week

Increasing gratitude

Countrified city boy

Wii Fit and a pregnancy test

Hammer pants

Box attack

Busy, busy

iPhone 3G S song...

Where Collegiate Ministry Begins, Part 6

Review: Groups app for iPhone

Win a free Bible

Review: Divorce and Remarriage in the Church

A turn on the trail

Conan and the Twitter Tracker

Almost there...

May Tweets

NCourage and smallness

Streamy is dreamy

Burned up or burned out?

Highlights from UAM BCM 2001

Congratulations, Kris: a missed opportunity?

Where Collegiate Ministry Begins, Part 5

Review: Uncompromised Faith

My new favorite Sonic commercial

Where Collegiate Ministry Begins, Part 4

Review: The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment

How to clean your Mighty Mouse

Scriptural prayers

Check out qTweeter for the iPhone

Where Collegiate Ministry Begins, Part 3

Comparing local cable to DSL

Rectal 2009

Where Collegiate Ministry Begins, Part 2

Where Collegiate Ministry Begins, Part 1

Sending Blossoms to Poland

Say hello to (again)

My sin, not in part, but the whole

10 Things I learned in Alaska

Final chapter

Review: The Jesus I Never Knew (rated 4 stars)

Volcano Fund started

Time lapse volcano eruption

Bathroom remodel and flight update

Volcano eruption cancels flights

Of radio, painting and snowmen


An ordinary day

Facebook 2009 like MySpace 2006

Never a dull moment on Sunday

Fun faith

Sledding adventure

A 5M day

A day of travel

Alaska bound!

March Mission

New Blog Design

Our Story: Miracles

Journey Missions Highlights

Living between the Cross and Crown

March Tweets

Kris Allen t-shirt winner!

Living Open Source

Where's your sticker?

Tweet Week Summary

25 Things I Hate About Facebook

Help! Add it to your vocabulary

Review: Communicating for a Change

Spiritual centering

Review: Now, Discover Your Strengths (rated 3 stars)

Next Palm Pre promo

Considering the Kindle

Eating my words

Wifey's photoblog...

Google Sync for Mac may trump MobileMe

Another reason I enjoy blogging...

There's a new cereal in town... and lose 6 pounds

Joyful Submission Series

Chemo hero

Evangelism Conference 09

Review: AddressBookSync

Brief grief

A little closure...

Building vs. Planting, Part 6

Surgery today

The chemo word

A love relationship with God

Review: House of Dark Shadows

First real iPhone challenger

7 weird or random facts

Two birthdays of good news

TGOM (Twitter Geeks of Monticello)

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